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Online Quilt Calculator

Online Quilt Calculator – great for adjusting quilt patterns; calculating blocks, cornerstones, and sashings; and calculating overhang on different bed sizes.

Have you ever found a beautiful quilt pattern that you want to make but the size is wrong? Do you struggle to figure out the number of blocks, sashings, cornerstones that you will need to make a quilt? Do you simply hate math and doing all the figuring and just want to sew? Now the Online Quilt Calculator can help you!

Here is one way it works. You find a pattern you like. Your pattern provides the following information:

Quilt Size: 70” x 80”
Blocks: 42 (8”) blocks

The quilt has 2” sashings with cornerstones. The pattern tells you to cut:

56 (2”) cornerstones
97 (2” x 8”) sashing pieces.

You want to make a quilt that measures 96” x 98” inches using this pattern. Go to the Online Quilt Calculator and enter the following information:

Block Size: 8 (from the pattern)
Desired Quilt Width: 96 (your desired width)
Desired Quilt Length: 98 (your desired length)
Sashing Width: 2 (from the pattern)
Cornerstones: Yes (fromt the pattern)

Click on Calculate. The following results are displayed:

Suggested Blocks Across: 9
Suggested Blocks Down: 10
Total Blocks Needed: 90
Actual Quilt Width: 92
Actual Quilt Length: 102
Block Size: 8
Cornerstones: 110 2-inch
Sashings: 199 2″ x 8″

If you use the suggested blocks, the quilt is 6 inches narrower and 6 inches shorter than you desire. You can adjust the blocks across and blocks down to 10 and 11 respectively and enter these numbers into the Adjust Your Results to see that if you add one block across and one block down, your quilt will be 102” wide and 112” inches long as shown below.

Adjusted Blocks Needed: 110
Adjusted Quilt Width: 102
Adjusted Quilt Length: 112
Block Size: 8
Adjusted Cornerstones: 132 2-inch
Adjusted Sashings: 241 2″ x 8″

Go back to your original input and try adding a border. In this instance, adding two 4-inch borders brings the quilt size to 98″ x 98″. It also reduces the number of blocks, cornerstones, and sashings needed. This is very close to the desired quilt size. Now you can decide whether to go with the 9 across and 10 down to make a quilt 92” x 102” or make it 10 across and 11 down for the larger quilt at 102” x 112” or add a couple of borders to the first option to make your quilt 98″ x 98″.

This is one way to use the Online Quilt Calculator. You can also use it to create any quilt based on block size and desired width and length. Try changing the block size, and add or remove sashing, cornerstones, and borders to see how they affect the number of blocks needed and the quilt size. It is a lot of fun playing around with the numbers and the best part is – you don’t have to do any of the math yourself!

Try out the new Online Quilt Calculator and see for yourself. If you have a moment, drop me a line and let know what you think of it. I am also open to suggestions for improving it and making it more valuable and functional for traditional and non-traditional quilters. Just send me an email through my contact page to let me know your thoughts.

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